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Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon - kit list

Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon - kit list

Posted by Dave C on 3rd Aug 2018

Hope you enjoyed the write up of the LAMM. The Safety Requirements of the LAMM are quite strict and there is a mandatory kit list each competitor must carry or carry as part of the team.

Approximately 2 years ago Hilltrek started to stock OMM as a brand. It has a strong reputation within Fell Running, Adventure Running and Mountain Marathons with its packs, clothing and accessories forming the basis of many a competitors kit list. 

We also stock other brands and here is a quick overview of what I had in my kit – everything available at Hilltrek or online at Hillgear.

  • OMM Classic 32 Pack – No coincidence that all 4 of us had separately chosen the same pack along with a huge number of our fellow competitors. It carried everything needed with room to spare, comfortable for two long days, all aspects had been thought through and had a function and the added bonus of the Duo Mat ( Sleeping Mat) being included.
  • Kamleika Smock – an old one I’ve had ten plus years but still the best all weather running top I have. Men's Kamleika smock Women's Kamleika smock
  • OMM Contour Beanie and OMM Fusion Gloves
  • OMM Mountain Raid Sleeping Bag
  • OMM Rotor Smock – which nicely doubled as a pillow when stuffed up in it’s pocket
  • Paramo Grid Technic – thermal top Men's Grid Technic Women's Grid Technic
  • Paramo Expedition Towel
  • Silva Ranger Compass
  • Exped Dry Bags – keeps the wet and dirty from the dry and clean !
  • Compeed !!
  • Extreme Food Dehydrated Meals – I can recommend the Chilli and Chocolate Chip Pudding
  • Petzl Reactik Head Torch (we have these Petzl torches online)
  • Assorted Energy Bars and Gels
  • Midge Head Net and Smidge

Although I didn’t have one this time, many others used the Jetboil for cooking. Although a little bulky it is light and importantly boils up water in a fraction of the time than a normal lightweight stove.

So if I have inspired anyone to give it a go please come to see us with your kit check list and I’ll sort you out with all you need.