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Scrambled eggs

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Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

Total energy: 450kcal (1884kJ)

Net weight: 98g

Storage Life: 48 months

Nutritional value/100g, prepared:

energy 129 kcal (538 kJ)
fat 6.9 g (saturated: 2.3 g)
carbohydrates 10.3 g (sugar: 3.2 g)
protein 7.1 g
salt 0.7 g
fibres 1.5 g


egg powder (26%), potato flakes (19%), milk powder, potato starch, egg (10%), carrot (5%), onion (5%), sunflower oil, leek (3%), salt, glucose syrup, parsley (0.52%), pepper

Allergy info

Contains egg, milk. May contain traces of: peanuts, nuts.