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Fizan Promenade

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Fizan Promenade

Fizan Promenade is a single walking pole with a traditional T-Shaped handle and great for anyone who enjoys regular walking away from mountainous terrains.

This is a sturdy walking pole that provides support and stability for the user.  It is comfortable to use, with its right-angled t-shape handle offering good grip qualities.

The shaft of the pole is made in ALU 7075 which is a high-quality aluminium, both impressively lightweight yet extremely tough enough to withstand years of regular walking.

This pole weighs only 245g and folds down to just 62cm when not in use.  Fizan have taken care to laser etch all the measurements on their poles, this prevents stickiness caused by cheaper poles where the writing has been painted on.

The pole come complete with a pavement quality rubber tip to go on top of its steel tip, this both prevents damage caused by the steel tip and keeps the poles quieter to use when walking on pavements.  Also included are 2 sizes of basket (35mm and 50mm) for year-round walking.

  • Single, 3-part walking pole
  • Right-angled handle
  • Twist lock
  • E-basket steel tip