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Bridges of the Dee and its Tributaries (Hard back)

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Bridges of the Dee and its Tributaries (Hard back)

A description and history of bridges and crossings of the Aberdeenshire Dee (and tributaries) in North East Scotland. This is a comprehensive work by respected local historian Stewart Wilson and co-author Chris Engel in which the rich history of Royal Deeside is related in narrative from a range of sources including out-of-print books, old newspapers, anecdotal and local legends. Deeside has been a popular retreat for the Royal family and the reign of Queen Victoria saw the construction of many new bridges.
There are over 80 illustrations featuring many old 'colourised' photos of the bridges vividly bringing the past back to life.

The valley of the Aberdeenshire Dee is known to have been inhabited for over 15,000 years. During this period the river and its tributaries have been both a benefit and a barrier to human activity. This book gives an insight into the rich history of bridges and bridge building. It is illustrated with over 80 images.