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Active Cap

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Active Cap - Neon Blue

The Active Cap is ideal for a wide range of high energy activities, especially in sunny weather.

A baseball cap protects the head and shades the eyes in sunshine, but it is difficult to keep a cap on when active, especially in windy conditions. It can also result in a hot and sweaty head.

The Active Cap’s zoned fabrics protect from wind and sun but allow perspiration to escape and air circulation to cool you. The deep peak shades eyes from glare, but compresses so the cap can be stuffed in a pocket. The close adjustable fit holds the cap in place.

The Active Cap is highly compressible and packable, but offers a functioning peak and good adjustability:

  • Soft, flexible but protective peak.

  • Close adjustable fit to hold cap in place even during energetic activity or breezy conditions.

  • Lightweight construction, designed to fold and pack easily so it can be accessible at all times.